What I do: 

All the Tiny Rebels clothing is handmade, one at a time out of reclaimed men's shirting materials in order to reduce textile waste by turning old into new, discarded into cherished. Each piece is on of a kind and so that it's as unique as your little one and everything is designed to move, play and grow.


Why I do it: 

After 10 years of working in product development for various fast fashion brands I grew weary of putting more "stuff" out into the world. Product that was made overseas by underpaid workers in less than ideal working conditions all so that it could be so inexpensive that we wouldn't think too hard about what we're buying.

Every step of the traditional apparel production process creates waste, from the energy used to spin fibers to the water used in dying fabrics to the piles and piles of clothes that end up in landfills each year.

I wanted to create something that would not only not contribute to creating more waste but would actually start turning the tides in reclaiming existing fabrics before they reached landfills.

The eventual vision of All the Tiny Rebels is to lessen the environmental impact of clothing, and to create as many well paying jobs as possible through a network of makers, making with love and the spirit of rebellion.



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